COVID-19 Advice to Accredited Education Providers

Position Statement    31.03.21

Some FEDANT Accredited courses include a specified number of hours requiring the simultaneous physical presence of the learner and the lecturer or tutor. This is for the components of the course which cover the development and assessment of practical skills.

In the challenging circumstance of the current pandemic, the relevant components of the course may be delivered with the simultaneous electronic presence of the learner and a lecturer or tutor using any appropriate electronic means.  Options include, but are not limited to, Facebook Live, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp Business.

As lockdown is eased in each region education providers may return to classroom teaching as appropriate, necessary, and informed by the relevant regional restrictions.

(COVID-19) Coronavirus restrictions England

(COVID-19) Coronavirus restrictions Wales

(COVID-19) Coronavirus restrictions Scotland

(COVID-19) Coronavirus restrictions Northern Island

All classroom teaching should be conducted with attention to health and safety risks and in line with the Further Education Coronavirus (COVID-19) Operational Guidance.