Environmental Policy

FEDANT Environmental Policy

The Federation of Antenatal educators (FEDANT) will use policies and procedures that will ensure the conservation of natural resources while minimising any adverse environmental impact from our operations, including, but not limited to, waste reduction and recycling. We aim to review our environmental policies and procedures regularly to improve our performance and quality. All employees are made aware of this policy and their responsibilities for environmental issues.

FEDANT operates an energy conservation policy to ensure that:

  1. All non-critical equipment is switched off when not needed.
  2. Low energy electrical equipment will be preferred for purchase.


FEDANT will endeavour to conduct as many tasks as are appropriate by electronic means in order to reduce paper usage. FEDANT will always seek to purchase products that are environmentally friendly, re-usable, and recyclable and that do not damage the environment. Whenever possible, appropriate and safe FEDANT re-uses incoming packaging materials. This policy statement is on display at our premises and is made available to the public via our website.

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