Insurance Access Requirements

In order to access the Application for FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance you will require two things:

1.       Your FEDANT Pending Registration Number

This number is unique to your application and is emailed to you at the time of your online Application for Admission

2.      Your FEDANT Insurance Access Password

This password is emailed to you in the final stage of your application when payment and evidence documents have been received and validated. Please allow 48 hours from the sending your documents to receipt of your unique Insurance Access Password.

The email containing your unique Insurance Access Password contains links and is sometimes trapped in spam filters.  Please check your spam box if you have not received your Password after 48 hours.

It is a requirement of the insurance that FEDANT Registration remains valid

You must renew BOTH your FEDANT National Registration when renewing your insurance for it to be Valid

3.      Existing Registrants

If you are an existing Registrant seeking to change to using the FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance provision please contact the Admin Team to request an access passcode.

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