How to share in your wife’s pregnancy

Title: How to share in your wife’s pregnancy.


Pregnancy is usually seen as a mom thing. But husbands also play an extensive role during the entire course of his wife’s pregnancy especially during her final months.


My baby is due anytime soon this month. As a first time mother-to-be and having an extremely low tolerance for physical discomforts, my apprehensions are dominated by fears of intense pain from labour, needles, anesthesias, and the risks of giving birth. Still I restlessly wait for that moment with much moving anticipation believing that each child being born in this world is a miracle. The whole nine months of my pregnancy thankfully was as smooth as not being pregnant at all. Except for a few inconveniences, I very much enjoyed the transformations of my being brought about by the wonder of carrying a tiny babe with such loving care and tenderness. Pregnancy is usually seen as a mom thing. But husbands also play an extensive role during the entire course of his wife’s pregnancy especially during her final months. Here’s how:

1. Pay attention. Let your wife know you too are enjoying the physical changes in her like how her belly grows. Never joke that she is getting ugly. Pregnant moms are especially sensitive and insecure. The stress from unnecessary sources can affect the baby’s health. Be an active observer instead. Feel the baby kick. Play music, read or talk to your baby.

2. Be There. Get involved by always being there in her appointments, prenatal check ups, laboratory examinations, ultrasounds and other medical necessities. Pregnant moms have their own emotional moments due to hormonal changes that occurs within her. Loving words of assurances will help alleviate negative thoughts and feelings. Constantly talk to her, ask how she feels, and provide her needs.

3. Get Healthier Too. As your wife modifies her diet, give up alcohol, and other prohibitions, you can support her by sharing her lifestyle. Eliminate bad for-baby foods that might tempt her. Cut down or cut out alcohol yourself. Spend time walking or exercising together. Try to find ways to spend more time on your home and with her. Believe me, she will appreciate it more than
you know.

4. Tell Her She Is Beautiful. As her body bloats, it’s easy for her to feel unattractive and and heavy. Understand that she is a woman, and its normal. Even if you think that she is, don’t let on. Unless you are one insensitive prick. Meanwhile, while your sex life gets a PG rating for what seems like eternity due to hormone changes, back pains, morning sickness she experiences,¬†create spectacular future plans. The thought of a second honeymoon will make her giddy again.

5. Go the Extra Mile. It’s not too much task to treat her breakfast in bed once in a while. Do the groceries. Help her in her daily chores. She can be a bit demanding sometimes but go with it. Be extra sweet.

6. Shop, Talk, and Make Decisions Together. Have fun buying your baby’s needs together. Even hers.

7. Be a partner in her Labour. Unless you fear the sight of blood, I believe it is imperative that you go with her during her delivery. Be a minister to your wife. Embrace, coach,and soothe her. She needs you now more than anything else.

8. Prepare for your new Life as a Family. Participate in your baby’s care. Be a good husband and father. Your responsibility is greater now. Be sure to spend more time with them. Buy your partner a gift she’ll always remember, after all she’s about to give you a pretty incredible gift herself.

Pregnancy is a joyful journey that is not hers alone. It’s yours too!



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