Neurodiverse-friendly walk-through

FEDANT is respectful and supportive of those with neurodivergence. The following page presents information regarding the application process in a way that is more easily accessible to neurodivergent people.

What to have ready before applying:

A copy of your qualification – this will be in the form of a certificate.

A copy of your insurance if you have your own – The application will ask you for a copy of your own insurance or give you an option to use the FEDANT block scheme insurance.

If you don’t have your own insurance – you will just need your qualification certificate/s.

Click start here to begin the application process.

How to pick your category of Registration:

Antenatal Educator – for those who only want to be registered as an Antenatal Educator.

Combined Registration 1 – For those who are an Antenatal Educator and/or a Postnatal Educator, and can also be qualified as a Breastfeeding Counsellor, Doula or hold a Complementary Therapy qualification.

Combined Registration 2 – For those who are Breastfeeding Counsellors/Infant Feeding Practitioners, Doulas and/or Complementary Therapist.

Combined Registration 3 – For those who are qualified in areas relative to the profession such as Child Sleep Specialists, Tongue – tie, Counselling etc

How to let us know which qualification/s you have:

Type of Qualification (Section One) – This is where if you have a FEDANT accredited qualification you can choose it from the drop-down list. If you don’t have one, just select ‘other’ from the drop-down list.

Type of Qualification (Section Two) – This is where you let us know about a qualification/s that are not FEDANT accredited.

Upload them! You will see a button where you can upload your certificate/s. Don’t worry if you have trouble, you can email a copy to .

What to tick when you get to the Category of Entry:

Tick the boxes that are closest to your qualifications that you wish to be listed on the FEDANT National Register for.

I hold insurance, what to tick:

FEDANT needs to see that you have appropriate insurance before they can complete your registration. Here you have 3 choices.

1 – If you already hold your own insurance tick the 1st box

2 – If you wish to use the FEDANT block scheme insurance tick the 2nd box

3 – If you are an overseas applicant tick the 3rd box 

When you have completed the form and click NEXT you will be transferred to the page to pay for your registration for the year.

My name is different on my certificates as I’ve changed my name:

If your certificates are in a different name to your original name, please email to a copy of your Deed Poll certificate or your marriage certificate.

What happens after you have completed the application form:

The FEDANT Admin team will check your qualifications and which insurance you ticked.

If you have your own insurance

Admin will check your qualification/s and insurance and make sure it’s all ok. If they need anything else, they will send you an email and let you know. If all is ok, they will process your application.

You can expect to receive your confirmation of being uploaded to the FEDANT National Register along with an email containing your registration letter, card, and certificate.

If you ticked to use the FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance

Admin will check your qualification/s and will email to you a link, unique password, instructions of how to apply for the FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance.

Once you have done this, the insurance provider will email you a copy of your insurance policy, you can forward this to to speed up completion of your registration. If you forget to forward this don’t worry, we will be told that your insurance has been applied for.

Once this has happened you can expect to receive your confirmation of being uploaded to the FEDANT National Register along with an email containing your registration letter, card and certificate.

Any questions please email the admin team at who will be pleased to help.