Four hours run over four weeks. A holistic progressive postnatal yoga practice. This course is accessible and appropriate to women new to yoga and those with an established personal yoga practice. It is taught within the context of postnatal anatomy and physiology and with respect for each woman’s individual experience of pregnancy, birth and her recovery journey. You will learn a holistic approach to creating deep pelvic floor tone, core strength, pelvic stability and spinal alignment through the specially designed yoga poses. The practice is progressive meaning that each woman’s needs are acknowledged and accounted for, allowing women after cesarean births and those with pelvic floor damage to be included. The course includes ‘off the mat’ yoga practices that new mothers can use in their daily lives while caring for their babies. The course is gentle and restorative with a focus on wellbeing.

Course Title: Mummy&Me

Provider: Trinitytreeyoga

Location: UK

Tel: 07415 507266



Course Number: CPD – 6384

CPD Value: 3 Points