Student Admission

Student Admission is open to individuals studying profession entry awards in:

  • Antenatal Education
  • Breastfeeding Counselling
  • Doula
  • Postnatal Practitioner
  • A Complementary Therapy (CAM) discipline

If you hold a profession award in any of the above registration categories, you would not seek admission solely as a student. You must apply for FEDANT National Registration for the award you already hold. If using the FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance as part of your original Registration you are entitled to add onto it your student cover. If you hold no awards in any of the above categories then please continue.

To begin the admission process:

  1. Select ‘Student’ on the category of registration.
  2. Under Type of Qualification (Section 1) select ‘Other’
  3. Under Type of Qualification (Section 2) select ‘Student’
  4. Complete the online registration form and confirm your agreement to the declaration.
  5. You are then given the opportunity to pay for your Student Admission via a secure payment gateway.

If you have selected the option ‘I am applying for FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance’.  Your Application for Admission will be reviewed before a link and password for the FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance application are emailed to you.  The review process may take up to 24 hours.

Follow the links provided to access the insurance provision, complete the insurance application and pay the insurance provider.  Your evidence of insurance will be emailed to you – usually within 2 hours.

When you complete your studies

It is imperative that when you graduate your course you email to a copy of your qualification/award. A clear and readable image such as a picture taken on a smartphone is acceptable.

You will then be upgraded to the appropriate registration and may be added to the FEDANT National Register in the applicable category.

When you graduate your FEDANT Student Insurance provision will CEASE to provide cover and you will need to upgrade your FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance to FULL cover. 

If you upgrade to full insurance cover without updating your FEDANT Registration status your insurance will be cancelled. 


Apply for Student Admission