Accredited Education and Service Provider Resources

These resources are solely for Education or Service Providers who have a valid FEDANT NCAV, NRSA, CPD or Service Provider Accreditation.

FEDANT Accredited Course Logo

When displaying the FEDANT Accredited Course logo, it should be followed or underscored by the following words:

  • FEDANT Course Number (insert number here)

To save the images, right click on image and select ‘save picture as….’

Accredited logo in PNG format

Accredited Logo in JPG

FEDANT Accredited Service Provider/CPD Logo

Accredited logo in PNG format

Service Provider Logo

Regulatory Module

Regulatory Module Sample Lesson Plan

Regulatory Lesson Plan

Regulatory Roles Graphic


Next Steps for Graduates – letter

Next Steps for Graduates

Recomended Wording for Education Provider Websites

Recomended wording

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