Stakeholders are those who may be affected by or have an effect on the role of Antenatal Educators, Doulas and Breastfeeding Counsellors.  They may also include people who have a strong interest in the regulatory role for academic, philosophical, or political reasons, even though they and their families, friends, and associates are not directly affected by it.

FEDANT characterise stakeholders by their relationship to our role and action.

Primary stakeholders  are the people or groups that stand to be directly affected, either positively or negatively by FEDANT’s action or instruction. In some cases, there are primary stakeholders on both sides of the equation: a regulation that benefits one group may have a negative effect on another.

Secondary stakeholders  are people or groups that are indirectly affected, either positively or negatively, by FEDANT’s action or instruction.

Current stakeholders include:

  • Statutory regulatory bodies
  • Academic institutions
  • Healthcare providers
  • Charitable organisations
  • Support groups
  • Parents

    If you would like to be considered for a role as a Stakeholder please complete the Stakeholder Registration Form

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