The Consideration Process

Stage 1 – Application

The application process begins with the completion of an online Application for Product Approval and payment of the Product Approval first application fee.

Evidence to support your application  

Where applicable the application form will require the provision of:

  • The Product operating instructions, manuals and/or package inserts
  • The Product ingredients or Manufacturing materials list
  • Images of the Product
  • Your Environmental Policy
  • The primary Product Advertising and Promotion materials

Images or documents may be uploaded in any of the following formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, DOC, PDF.  Please ensure the required evidence is available at the time of completing the online application.

Stage 2 – Application Review

The application will be reviewed by the Product Approval Team. The initial review will confirm that the application is appropriate for consideration and work with the applicants to prepare the Application for submission to the Approval Committee.   

Stage 3 – Product Review

We will require a sample of the product seeking approval. The Product Review Batch documents, which are required to accompany any product samples, will be sent by email within ten working days of receipt of a completed application for product approval form.

Please DO NOT SEND PRODUCT SAMPLES in advance of receiving the Product Review Batch documents.  

Stage 4 – Submission to Committee

A date for consideration by the Product Approval Committee will be provided to the applicant within ten working days of Stage 3 – Product Review completion.

Consideration will usually be completed at a single meeting and the Committee may return one of three decisions:

ApprovedThe application for Product Approval is granted.
ReferredThe application for Product Approval is appropriate for consideration but the Committee requires more information or has a specific query. A full report will accompany the decision.
DeclinedThe application for Product Approval is declined. A full report will accompany the decision.

The applicant will be informed of the Committee’s decision within two working days of the decision.

Stage 5 – Completion

The Product Approval completes with the agreement of an inception date for use of the FEDANT Product Approval. The inception date will be no later than three calendar months from the date of Approval.

The undertaking of logo use terms.

Payment of annual Product Approval Fee.

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