What Next?

Submission for FEDANT Product Approval

Your submission will now be subject to a first-stage review. A member of the Review Team will be in contact with your appointed representative with any questions or recommendations in relation to the application.

We expect to complete the first stage review within ten working days and to schedule a Panel Consideration date within one calendar month of the end of the first stage review.

You will be contacted during the first stage review to arrange product sample delivery.  Please do not send samples until you have been supplied with the required accompanying documentation.

If you have additional support materials or evidence that was not uploaded with your original submission, please contact the Review Team  Additional research data and/or reports completed after the date of submission will only be accepted by prior agreement.

In accordance with the Accreditation, Approval, and Certification Fee Schedule an invoice for the first year of FEDANT Product Approval will be issued when Application for Product Approval has received Panel Consideration.