Mission Statement


The Federation of Antenatal Educators administers a regulatory structure for Antenatal Educators, Breastfeeding Counsellors and Doulas.  This regulatory structure can act as a means to guide agencies and legislators in developing guidelines and laws which will in turn act to regulate the provision of Antenatal Education in the United Kingdom.

A regulatory structure ensures the continuity of course content and facilitation and provides reassurance to parents that their course is being delivered in an appropriate manner by qualified and insured educators.


  • Agree a set of common standards for the practice and training of Antenatal Education
  • Develop a single register of antenatal teachers in the UK
  • Develop a core curriculum
  • Foster research into antenatal education
  • Encourage professional development of antenatal education
  • Maintain and develop good working practices with a view to safeguarding the general public
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