Accreditation and Certification Fee Schedule

Initial Application Fees

On first application all accreditation’s are subject to a £25 administration fee in addition to the cost of Course/Application Annual Accreditation.

FPC – Annual Product Certification Fee

FEDANT Product Certification  £480.00 per annum

PAC – Phone Application Certification Fee

App Certification  £325.00 per annum

NCAV – Annual National Course Accreditation and Verification Fees

Antenatal Educator Course  £158.00 per annum

Breastfeeding Counsellor Course  £158.00  per annum

Doula Course  £158.00  per annum

NRSA – Annual National Relative Sector Accreditation Fees

Post Graduate Course  £150.00  per annum

Relative Sector Award  £150.00  per annum

CPD – Annual Continuing Professional Development Fees

Continuing Professional Development Course  £145.00  per annum

Alterations and Amendment Fees

Minor text alterations and/or small course content changes are free of charge.

Title changes and/or larger content changes   £30.00

Reinstatement after Lapse or Cancellation

All accreditations and verifications  £46.00

Rejection Fees

Applications for accreditation declined on the basis of content are not charged a rejection fee.

Applications for accreditation declined on the basis of false representation are subject to a rejection fee of £60.00

Additional Fees

There may be incidences where additional fees may be applied to requests for accreditation. These fees are at the discretion and the instruction of the Education Committee. Any additional fees will be agreed with the summiting body in advance of the accreditation request being processed.

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