About Course Accreditation

Educating the Educators – National requirements for the training of Antenatal Educators, Breastfeeding Counsellors and Doulas. In line with government recommendations, FEDANT introduced in 2010 the National Course Accreditation and Verification (NCAV) process.

NCAV is a national quality assurance process under which services and operations of education providers and programs are evaluated by the FEDANT Education Committee to determine if applicable national standards are met. If the standards are met, accredited status is granted.

Training programs are mapped against FEDANT Approved National Standards and the competencies used by the Government Sector Skills Council – Skills for Health in National Occupations Standards.

Sector relative courses are accredited via the National Relative Sector Accreditation (NRSA) process.

NRSA maps awards against relative sector knowledge requirements and is appropriate for Post Graduate, Continuing Professional Development and Sector Relevant Awards only.

Real time, distance learning, and blended learning courses, are all appropriate for consideration for accreditation.

Accreditation is subject to audit and annual review.

Seeking Course Accreditation

Process for submitting a course to NCAV or NRSA:

1. Check the Core Element requirements relative to your NCAV submission:

Antenatal Educator Course Accreditation
Breastfeeding Counsellor Course Accreditation
Doula Course Accreditation

NRSA course submissions do not have core element requirement but must demonstrate an existing link to the sector knowledge requirements in the form of Post Graduate Training, Continuing Professional Development or a Sector Relative award.

2. Complete the Course Accreditation Form:

  • Antenatal Educator
  • Breastfeeding Counsellor
  • Doula
  • Sector Relative Award (includes CPD and Post Graduate)

3. Supporting documents you will be required to upload:

      • Description of the Education Provider’s facilities, and a list of all equipment used for the course.
      • CV’s of teaching staff or facilitators.
      • Copies of hand-outs or slide presentation.

4. A member of the Education Committee Support Team will review your submission and confirm the consideration date.

5. You will receive an invoice for the Accreditation Fee (for details see current Fee Schedule). Your Accreditation Fee must be paid before submission to Committee and will be refunded in full if your course does not achieve accreditation after a maximum of three submissions.

6. Education Committee considers submission with possible outcomes of:

      1. Grant Accreditation for graduate and post-graduate courses or Accredit and assign value for Continuing Professional Development Courses
      2. Refer for resubmission – the Committee will provide guidance in the event that they require further information, input or amendment. Course must be resubmitted within two calendar months.
      3. Accreditation declined.

7. Acknowledgement documents exchanged.

8. Accredited course receives a Course Number and is added to applicable database.

9. Service commissioners are advised of new Accredited Course.

10. Hard copy evidence documents sent to education provider.

Who to contact

If you require assistance or have questions relating to course submission please contact the Education Committee Support Team

Course Accreditation Form

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