This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about FEDANT, our regulatory role and our services.

What is regulation?

The regulation of the non-medical healthcare professions A Review by the Department of Health’ (July 2006) defines regulation as ‘the set of systems and activities intended to ensure that healthcare practitioners have the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to provide healthcare safely.

What is a registering body?

A registering body is an organisation which develops a list of individuals within a profession who meet an agreed criterion and abide by and an agreed Code of Ethics and Practice. A register is the first stage in developing voluntary self-regulation and possibly statutory regulation.

What is the purpose of regulation?

The prime purpose of professional regulation is public protection. Whilst there will also be considerable benefits for the professionals in the production of visible standards, the professionals themselves are not the main focus of regulation – the focus lies with the consumer. This principle must lie at the heart of any proposed regulatory system.

Does Antenatal Education need regulation?

Without a registering/regulatory body for antenatal education anyone may conduct antenatal classes, provide Doula services, and/or Breastfeeding Counselling, without training, qualification or insurance.

Can parents check I am registered?

Yes. Parents can either enter your Registration Number or postcode area into the online checking facility and they will get an instant confirmation of your status.

I am a Midwife and a member of a very well known Charity. Both my statutory body and my charitable body have regulations; should I have FEDANT registration?

There are many membership bodies, councils and statutory bodies with memberships which include Antenatal Educators, Breastfeeding Counsellors, and/or Doulas, as sections of their membership or as part of their statutorily defined role. The purpose of FEDANT is to protect the public by bringing the Antenatal Educators, Breastfeeding Counsellors, and Doulas from all of these bodies together as the first step toward statutory regulation as an individual and separate professions.

I am insured via my professional body or organisation, does this cover me to teach any type of class?

This is a very grey area for such an important aspect of the profession. In general group policies only provide cover when you are working on a project for the group. They often do not provide cover for you as an individual.

Is my insurance issued by FEDANT?

No. FEDANT has negotiated a comprehensive policy to provide cover for Registrants. Policy documents are issued by the insurance provider. This policy is available ONLY to FEDANT Registrants and it is a condition of the policy that FEDANT registration is maintained.

When I am due for renewal what happens?

In accordance with the FEDANT Environmental Policy you will receive an email reminder fourteen days prior to your registration lapsing inviting you to login and renew online. When you renew you will be agreeing to the declaration you made in your initial registration. A further electronic notification will be sent if your registration remains outstanding. If you have failed to renew and sign the online declaration, your entry will be removed from the National Register.

I have changed my contact details, how do I update my FEDANT registration?

Log into the Registrant Area and select My Profile. This area will allow you to change contact details and update information on your profile; once you have done this send an email to to alert us of the fact and these can then be changed for you on the National Register.

When is the start date of my annual registration?

Your start date is taken from the date you fill in your online registration form. The sooner you send in your required documentation to us the sooner you are uploaded onto the National Register.

How do I get my copies of qualification and Insurance to you?

You will be required to upload scanned or photographed images of your awards as part of the online Application for Admission. Clear images including those taken on a smartphone are acceptable.

What happens with the information I put on my registration form?

Some of the areas you have filled in on your form will be used to take information from for the National Register, for example your postcode areas you have selected. It is important that when putting in telephone numbers, you note that the one labelled ‘Telephone Course/Practice’ is the one that will appear on the National register. Please do remember to fill this in if you wish a number to be available. Your date of birth is asked for security reasons.

I have registered with FEDANT, can I have a link to my website on my National Register Entry?

Yes, at a meeting of the Regulatory Council held on October 18th 2007 it was decided to add to the FEDANT National Register an area for registrants to list their website and email addresses.

There are a few restrictions:
• For your website to be listed you must be FEDANT registered.
• For Antenatal Educators, Breastfeeding Counsellors and Doulas we will only accept links from sites where all applicable teaching staff are FEDANT registered. This prevents confusion for parents.
• For Complementary Practitioners we will only accept links to sites where all listed practitioners are FEDANT registered. This prevents confusion for parents.

The above restrictions are in keeping with the protection of the public with is the central ethos of a regulator.

Will FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance cover me for lending out equipment?

It will not provide cover for equipment hired out. We suggest that the facilitator asks the client to take full responsibility for the equipment loaned to them.

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