Registrant Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Annual Registration Fees and Insurance options

Annual Registration Fees

Antenatal Educator £48.50
Combined Registration One £48.50
Breastfeeding Counsellor £48.50
Doula  £48.50
CAM Practitioner £48.50
Combined Registration Two £48.50

Cancellation of Registration

Cancellation of FEDANT National Registration application up to a month after completion are subject to an administration charge of £16.50.  After one month of registration Annual Registration fees are non-refundable.

Reinstatement after lapsed or cancelled Registration

Reinstatement of FEDANT National Registration from one calendar month to one calendar year after the date of the lapse or cancellation is subject to a reinstatement fee of £25.

FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance Policy

Available ONLY to FEDANT Registrants or those applying for admission to the National Register.  Admission and the maintenance of registration in good order is a condition of the insurance provision.

FEDANT Registrants  – £47.82 per annum UK or €105 per annum for Ireland – Payable to the insurance provider.

STUDENTS – £19.22 per annum UK or €35.00 per annum for Ireland – Payable to the insurance provider.

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