It is a condition of registration to have in place an appropriate and valid insurance.

The Federation of Antenatal Educators is pleased to offer registered Antenatal Educators, Breastfeeding Counsellors, Doulas, Postnatal Practitioners, and appropriately qualified Complementary Practitioners a specifically tailored and competitively priced insurance option which you may choose to use.  You are not required to use the FEDANT Block Scheme, this facility has been negotiated with the insurance providers to facilitate a significant reduction in the cost of premiums for those evidencing a lower risk by achieving admission to the National Register.

The facility is available ONLY to FEDANT registrants. It is a condition that your annual National Registration remains in good order to maintain insurance cover. The paperwork for the block scheme insurance should be done at the same time as providing us with evidence of your qualifications.  Please remember when renewing your insurance the following year you must also renew your FEDANT National Registration or your insurance will be invalid.

In brief:

The policy costs:

FEDANT Registrants  - £47.82 per annum UK or €105 per annum for Ireland

STUDENTS – £19.22 per annum UK or €35.00 per annum for Ireland

NOTE: Student insurance is available ONLY to those attending a FEDANT accredited course. Student insurance cannot be upgraded to professional cover upon qualification without FEDANT registration. Details of the admission process are available here: Registration Process.

Some of the features within the policy:-

Premium – £47.82 a year or £19.22 for a student for case study work prior to qualification.

£6,000,000 per claim, with an unlimited number of claims in the year and unlimited Legal defence costs in addition- Professional

Indemnity, Medical Malpractice, Public & Products Liability.

Policy also includes Loss of Reputation, Breach of Intellectual Property, Client Confidentiality Protection, Loss of Documents, First Aid.

Retro-active cover to pick up any previously insured work performed.

Run off cover is included for an unlimited period if you ever stop the policy to ensure that you are protected if a claim was made after the policy is stopped for work done in the policy period.

£100,000 Disciplinary Hearings Defence cover/ Legal defence of your legal rights involving Criminal Proceedings as well as Data Protection and other legislation cover, wrongful arrest, actions against you for unlawful discrimination.

£100,000 Negotiation and representation in event of HMRC partial or full enquiry.

Wide range of free 24 hour Advice lines, including Legal/Tax Advice.

Jury or Witness Service Compensation.

The policy covers you to work anywhere in the UK as well as temporary cover for work abroad with no time restrictions (excl USA and Canada).

Expert claims handling.

No extra charges for replacement certificates/ changes to your policy.

Can include over 4000 different therapies/activities and many at no additional premium subject to qualification.

This insurance is available only to FEDANT Registrants (or students on a FEDANT approved course), if you have not yet registered please return to the Registration page and select the appropriate category for registration.

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