Insurance Proposal Form Ireland

Qualified Educators/Practitioners

The reduced rate FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance is available ONLY to Registrants and for those in the process of applying for admission to the FEDANT National Register.

You are not required to use the FEDANT Block Scheme, this facility has been negotiated with the insurance providers to facilitate a significant reduction in the cost of premiums for those evidencing a lower risk by achieving admission to the FEDANT National Register.

If you have not yet completed your application form for admission to the National Register please do so BEFORE completing an application for insurance.

Insurance cover for new Registrants must be scheduled to commence no later than SEVEN days after the date of application for admission.

The insurance premium is from €105.00 payable to the insurance provider.

Important Notice Regarding FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance

Each year you will renew your FEDANT National Registration AND your FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance.

If your FEDANT National Registration lapses your FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance will be in breach of the terms of provision. It will become invalid and not provide cover.

FEDANT National Registration Renewal – payable to FEDANT.

FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance – payable to insurance provider.

Insurance Proposal Form Ireland

Student Educators/Practitioners


Student insurance is available ONLY to those attending a FEDANT accredited course.

It is imperative that when you graduate your course you email to  a copy of your qualification/award. A clear and readable image such as a picture taken on a smartphone is acceptable. You will then be upgraded to the appropriate registration category and sent an invoice for the applicable fee.

When you graduate your FEDANT Student Insurance provision will CEASE to provide cover and you will need to upgrade your FEDANT Block Scheme Insurance to FULL cover.

If you upgrade to full insurance cover without updating your FEDANT Registration status your insurance will be cancelled.

The insurance premium is from €35.00 payable to the insurance provider.

Student Insurance Proposal Form Ireland

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