NCAV Antenatal Educator Course Accreditation

Please ensure you have read the general details on Course Accreditation.

To be considered under the NCAV process content of Antenatal Educator Awards must include:

•  Assisted Birth
•  Birth Environments
•  Birth 1st Stage
•  Birth 2nd Stage
•  Birth 3rd stage
•  Birth Partners
•  Caesarean
•  Cascade of Intervention
•  Communication Skills
•  Feeding the New-Born
•  Hormones
•  Induction
•  Informed Decision Making
•  Life after Birth for Mother and Baby – Up to Six Weeks
•  Loss of Expectation
•  Optimal Foetal Positioning
•  Pain Relief
•  Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth
•  Regulation
•  Teaching Skills

If you require assistance or have questions relating to course submission please contact the Education Committee Support Team

FEDANT does not accept submissions for the accreditation of Antenatal Educator courses conducted entirely by distance learning.

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