Phone App Certification

What is Application Certification?

FEDANT Application Certification is a formal procedure by which the regulator assesses and verifies Phone Applications and online services in the sector of Antenatal Education, Breastfeeding Counselling, Doula Services and related sectors.
Applications and online services which are seen to meet the stringent industry and legal requirements of the profession and applicable UK law are issued with a FEDANT Certification. Certification is valid for a period of one year and is subject to random audit.

How is an Application assessed?
Each submission is considered by a panel composed of:

  • Legal expertise
  • Profession expertise (for each sector)
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Academic expertise
  • Lay representation

Details of how the decision-making process is structured are available here: The Certification Process

Who can apply for Application Certification?

Application Certification is appropriate for any mobile phone or online application which provides services or advice in sectors related to Antenatal Education, Breastfeeding, Doula Services.